New/second-hand factory automation equipment and cutting tools

  • Because we are responsible for the secondary distribution of products that have become overstocked or are no longer needed due to equipment replacement, we are able to offer products with the same quality as new at a significantly lower price than regular price.
  • All products are already in stock and will be shipped promptly, so please take advantage of this as a countermeasure to the recent long delivery times.
  • 定価から最大90%OFFで購入頂けます!

    Max 90% OFF

    Since we handle second distribution products, you can find unused or great quality second hand products with much lower price.
  • 全ての商品は在庫として確保済み!迅速な発送が可能です。

    Already stocked, prompt shipping.

    All the products are already stocked. You don't have to wait for a long time to receive them. No more lead time by using our store.
  • 商品状態を明示的にランク付け!お客様との間で認識の齟齬が生まれない工夫をしております。

    Clearly ranked

    To make the product condition clear, we put the ranks to all the products. We carefully check the condition of each item to avoid any discrepancy in perception of the item's condition between the customer and us.
  • 初期不良に対して10日間の保証を付与しています!

    Initial defect warranty

    Although we take every precaution to ensure that our products are in perfect condition, we offer a initial defect warranty against defects in transportation or hidden defects. The period of warranty differs depending on your location, so please contact us before you make order.
  • 仕入れコストを大幅に削減:お客様の声

    Significantly reduced purchasing costs

    (Company in Indonesia)

    I was a little concerned about the condition of the product because it was less than half the regular price, but the product I actually received was very clean and no different than buying new from the manufacturer.

    Even when the same equipment was manufactured, the use of Yakumo Machinery & Tools completely changed the purchase cost, resulting in a significant improvement in profit margins.

  • 納期一年以上と言われていた製品を数日で入手:お客様の声

    Obtained a product in a few days that was said to take more than a year to deliver.

    (Customer in Thailand)

    I had been having trouble with the recent delivery delays, but I was able to get an unused item in a few days when I ordered to try it out.

    They even told us that it would take more than a year to deliver through a distributor agency, so they really helped us out.

  • 商品状態が明示的にランク付けされていて安心:お客様の声

    Reliable, with explicit ranking of product condition.

    (Customer in Malaysia)

    I had never used a used PLC before, but I didn't want to go to the trouble of ordering a new one for a trial use, so I tried a used one. I am very happy to buy a product of sufficient quality to try a product I have no experience with yet.

    It looks like the product is well managed, and I thought even the used ones look like they could be used in the actual field.

  • 発送状況などへの応対が丁寧:お客様の声

    Courteous response to shipping status

    (Customer in Vietnam)

    I wanted to know when the product would be shipped and when it would arrive because I was in a hurry, but they were very attentive to my needs, including last minute requests.

    Knowing the delivery status was also helpful in adjusting ourside plan.

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